Why Made in New Zealand?

New Zealand is our home and we love it here. We have some of the cleanest air, purest water and greatest wide open spaces in the world. We take all of that and world-renown Kiwi ingenuity to break barriers and create products that push the boundaries. Many of our products are ground-breaking first to market natural solutions.

We're really proud that all our products are Made right here, in New Zealand.

Growing Goodness

Wherever possible we source ingredients direct from growers in NZ. We partner with growers who understand the importance of protecting the environment, growing the best possible quality ingredients and not using chemicals in the process. Our growers are either organic certified or are farming without the use of chemicals. They leave their plants to do what they have been doing forever - growing goodness.

We only work with the best

Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art. As part of our commitment to making the best products we can our products are manufactured where some of NZ’s leading natural and organic health and beauty brands are created and made. Everything is tested to stringent standards with strict processes and controls to ensure product quality.

Shipping to Europe

We use Green container shipping to get our WashBar products transported from New Zealand to Europe. These ships take 12-15 weeks to sail from NZ to our doorstep and the ships are constructed to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emission. To put into context, sending something from the UK or Ireland to Sweden by Air Freight has a bigger carbon footprint than what we use!